May 9, 2021

Turn Kolkata Green Again

Entally, 5th June 2020- Entally PS observed the “World Environment Day” by planting trees and saplings. The journey of planting trees started soon after Amphan catastrophe. The main goal of the journey was to bring back smile to green leaves. They have planted trees throughout CIT Road where most of the big trees got uprooted due to Amphan Super Cyclone. The police officers and localities came together to plant trees ( TABEBUIA ROSEA) . Local people helped the officers in thier initiative to make the city green. The officers fixed responsibility to a particular shop owner ( in front of who’s shop the saplings were uprooted) to look after the saplings for its better growth and to allow it to grow properly.

But it is not the end of the journey the move will be continued in future too. Their aim is to plant at least two hundred saplings in Entally area. The full team of Police and Police officers are trying to restore the green treasure again. The local people praised the initiative of police and they are very happy.