May 9, 2021

Citizen’s Diary

Mrs Sunayana patel a is a guard with Chattisgarh Police Reserve Guards.
She is an uncommon personality with courage.
She was in frontline action fighting with the Naxalites inspite of being pregnant.
She even was on duty while running 8 months of pregnancy and was active in naxalites dominated areas.
Ultimately she has been blessed with a girl child.

She was always in backdrop when the media personnel were busy covering Anti National movements. Super heros like her working silently , are mostly missed out and not focussed .

But we will never forget her dedication, sacrifice courage , love for the Nation and overall risking her own and childs lives.

We salute Sunayana for her Patriotism , love and passion for the Nation.
This is what Feminism looks like.
We wish her all the best for her future and we believe that she will ensure and inculcate the spirit she has, to the little daughter to serve mankind and Nation and be a proud mother.
Sunayana is a role model and inspiration to our future generations.

(Writer: Apurba)