May 9, 2021

Commendable work district Saharanpur


Police rider of police station Behat encounter 02 miscreants, one rogue injured / arrested in retaliatory firing, 01 Tamancha 315 bore May 04 live, 03 Khok cartridges and 01 numberless splendor plus motor cycle recovered:

It is to be conveyed that, under the skirmish campaign being carried out by the Senior Superintendent of Police, Saharanpur against the criminals in the district, under the able leadership of Additional Superintendent of Police, Rural Shri Vighasagar Mishra and District Magistrate Behat, Shri Vijay Pal Singh dated 13-06- On 2020, while checking at the police station’s Puzneki outpost, the motorcycle rider encounters 02 miscreants.The police party was fired upon with the intention of killing them by miscreants. The police party gave a befitting reply to the firing by the miscreants. 01 crook was injured in the firing between the police and the miscreants.Significant success has been achieved in arresting the injured crook Shah Alam son Ikram resident of Mustakabad Colony police station, Mandi Saharanpur, including 01 illegal cartridge 315 bore, 04 live cartridges, 03 khok cartridges and 01 motorcycle splendor plus no. While 01 other partner of the injured / arrested accused managed to escape by taking advantage of the opportunity, arrest efforts are on.The injured / arrested accused Shah Alam has been admitted to the district hospital for treatment by chance. The injured / arrested accused is a vicious criminal, necessary legal action is being taken by the police in connection with the arrest and recovery.

Name and address of injured / arrested accused:
1-Shah Alam son of Ikram resident Mustakabad Colony Police Station Mandi Saharanpur Description of seizures:
1- 01 Tamancha .315 bore with 03 khokha and 04 live cartridge .315 bore.
2 – 01 Motorcycle Splendor Plus without number.
Criminal history of the injured /arrested accused: –
1- MU No. 278/19 Section 392/411/414 Bhadwi Police Station Kotwali Village, Saharanpur.
2- MU No. 16/19 Section 392/411 Bhadwi Police Station Behat, Saharanpur.
3- MU No. 29/19 Section 392/411 Bhadwi Police Station Behat, Saharanpur.
4- MU No. 172/19 Section 392/411 Bhadwi Police Station Behat, Saharanpur.
5- MU No. 208/19 Section 394/411 Bhadwi Police Station Behat, Saharanpur
.6- MU No. 630/19 Section 2/3 Gangster Act Police Station Kotwali Village Saharanpur.
Arresting police party: –
1-Inspector-in-Charge Shri Anand Dev Mishra Police Station Behat, Saharanpur.
2-UP UP Shri Satveer Atri Police Station Behat, Saharanpur.
3-UP Mr. Manoj Rathi Police Station Behat, Saharanpur. 4-UP Mr. Pawan Kumar Police Station Behat, Saharanpur. Pankaj Kumar Police Station Behat, Saharanpur. 6-Ankit Kumar Police Station Beha