May 11, 2021

Raiganj Police Rescues old man who fell in Kulik River

Raiganj: Civic volunteers rescued an old man who fell into a river due to traffic jam on NH 34 and rushed him to the hospital . The incident took place at Kulik Bridge in Raiganj on Monday afternoon.

The man named Shibu Lohar, a resident of Chanditala area of ​​Raiganj, was cycling over the bridge and due to the jam he tried to cut through it on Kulik bridge but unfortunately he fell on the river through a gap on the bridge.
Three civic volunteers from Raiganj Traffic, who were working to alleviate the traffic jam, saw the man falling into Kulik river drowning in the floodwaters and immediately jumped into the river. The Raiganj police additional superintendant Mr Anupam Singh while talking to PRESS said that the incident proved once again that the police personnel are always by the side of the people.