May 11, 2021

Chinese cyber attackers could be carrying out a massive phishing attack

Kolkata -Sanjib Paul: It has been reported that Chinese cyber attackers are planning a large-scale phishing attack. Phishing campaign is expected to impersonate government agencies, departments and trade associations who have been asked to oversee the disbursement of the government fiscal aid.
Spoofed Email ID which could be used for the phishing email is expected to be [email protected]
Phishing Email Subject Line: Free Covid-19 testing for all residents of Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai and Ahmedabad. The malicious group claims to have 2 million individual email addresses. Watch out for IDs like  [email protected]  Beware of Malicious Phishing E-mails SMS/ Messages on Social Media inciting you to provide personal and financial information.
POINTS TO ALWAYS REMEMBER: Don’t open or click on attachment in unsolicited e-mail, SMS or messages through Social Media. Exercise extra caution in opening attachments, even if the sender appears to be known. Beware of e-mail addresses, spelling errors in e-mails, websites and unfamiliar e-mail senders. Do not submit personal financial details on unfamiliar or unknown websites/links.
Beware of e-mails, links providing special offers like Covid-19 testing, Aid. Winning prize. Rewards, Cashback offers. Check the integrity of URLs before providing login credentials or clicking a link. Consider using Safe Browsing tools, filtering tools (antivirus and content-based filtering) in your antivirus, firewall, and filtering services. Update spam filters with latest spam mail contents.
Leverage Pretty Good Privacy in mail communications. Additionally, advise the users to encrypt protect the sensitive documents stored in the internet facing machines to avoid potential leakage. If you got a phishing E-mail/Message/Call, forward it to the our Anti-Phishing Portal  Always report any cybercrime to your nearest police station or alternatively report it.