May 11, 2021

Tapasia Police foiled abduction of nephew

Kolkata-Sanjeev Pal: Self-Reporting

A plot was hatched by Imran the Maternal Uncle who kidnapped his nephew Kamran and asked for a ransom of Rs 10 lacs. His associate called up the childs mother and claimed for Rs 10 lacs against release of the child.
On recieving the phone the lady immediately rushed to Topsia PS and lodged an FIR. Kamran s father is a Saudi Arabia expartite.
Police initiated immediate action and tracked the location of tower of concerned SIM used, and could locate it in Behala.
Police on talking to friends of Kamran , came to know that he was last seen with Imran. Police immediately interrogated Imran and on long questening Imran broke down and confessed the abduction plotted by him.
He was arrested and the abducted child rescued from a Guest House in Behala. On late friday night.