May 9, 2021

The police recovered the lost money of the peddler

Jalpaiguri: Police recovered Rs 40,000/- which was lost in a careless manner by a carpet seller.

Manoj Jaiswal leads his livelihood by doing ferry of carpets in jalpaiguri town. He is a resident of Shilpa samiti , jalpaiguri.
On Wednesday Manoj while ferrying in his wheelbarrow withdrew the said amount from bank and put it inside a portfolio bag and kept the bag inside the carpet rolls.
But due to carelessness the bag fell on the road which he could realise later. He immediately rushed to Police station and lodged a complaint .
Meanwhile Mr Babu Shankar Das of Kowali PS was out on patrolling and could see the bag on the road. On opening the bag he could see the money and then going through the other documents he called Manoj to Kotwali PS and handed over the bag and money to him.
Manoj was overjoyed to recieve the money back and thanked police for thier humanity and action

Jalpaiguri saw the humanity of the police again

Manoj Jaiswal has been doing carpet ferry in Jalpaiguri for a long time. He is a resident of Jalpaiguri Shilpa Samiti. On Wednesday, he withdrew forty thousand rupees from the bank. He packed the money in his portfolio bag and carried it through the carpet in the wheelbarrow as he walked through the heart of Jalpaiguri. The bag fell out of the wheelbarrow due to negligence. He came to the police station and lodged a complaint.

DSP Pradeep Sarkar said, “At that time, Babu Shankar Das of Kotwali Police Station was out with a team to patrol the town. He picked up the bag. After getting the mobile number from the documents found in the bag, we called him and handed him the bag with money.”

Manoj Babu, a carpet trader, said he was very happy with the humanitarian initiative of the police after getting back the lost money.