May 11, 2021

Infamous Chenman Kamruzzaman sentenced to death

During the period of 2013-19, series of brutal murder took place in Burdwan and Hooghly districts. Police after long search could nab the killer Kamaruzzaman Sarkar. Its alleged that the killibgs were brutality done by him . In most cases he murdered the victims with chain around their neck and in cases he was found to rape and kill the women. Accused Kamruzzaman Sarkar has admitted everything during police interrogation.

He admitted that he committed the first murder on January 1, 2013 and fled to Chennai in 2013 after committing two more murders.
After staying there for three months, he came back to Bengal. Murder and rape were his addictions.More than 6 murder and rape cases are in his name. The notorious criminal Kamruzzaman was on Monday convicted under four sections including death penalty, life imprisonment and financial fine by Kalna District Court Judge.