May 9, 2021

“Pranam” members receive emergency supplies at Girish Park Police Station

Kolkata: The “Pranam” project was launched in all the police stations of Kolkata to monitor and properly manage the elderly people. All the police stations of Kolkata Police have been keeping eyes on all the “Pranam” members since the beginning of the lockdown.

With the re-introduction of lockdown in Kolkata’s Containment Area, the elderly people are facing the problems in procuring emergency supplies and medicines.
On recieving informations Girish Park Police Station extended a helping hand to the Senior citizens. With the initiative of Sandeep Ganguly, Officer-in-Charge of Girish Park Police Station, various emergency food items were delivered to the homes of the elderly members.The police personnel of Girish Park Police Station have been distributing medicines as per the demand of the people.