May 18, 2021

Baguiati traffic police intercepted the bus of 29 migrant workers

A group of migrant workers on their way back to West bengal from Goa were stopped by Baguiati traffic guard under Bidhannagar police commisionarate .
The workers complained that they were carrying all necessary documents and accordingly Goa and Orissa police on scrutinizing the documents allowed them to travel.
But on entering Kolkata, their bus was stopped at several places and then they were released after seeing the documents. But
As soon as their bus entered Baguhati , the Baguiat traffic guards intercepted the bus and were told that they would onlt be released after the lockdown at 10 p.m. and as such they would have to spend the whole day on the road in the bus. Migrant workers told that they were facing problem with drinking water and food.
Police needs to take care of this situation.