May 9, 2021

Drones fly under surveillance across Kolkata

Kolkata: The number of corona infections among the police personnel of different police stations in Kolkata are on the rise, but without defying that and without any hesitation, the Kolkata police plunge into action and did not give any leeway to observe a safe lockdown in safety of the people of Kolkata. On 28th july on the third day of the weekly lockdown, Kolkata police cordoned off the city of Kolkata with tight security. Drones flew in the sky from the morning in surveillance in the alleys of the city.

AC One of Kolkata Police Mr. Joynal Abedin and Officer-in-Charge of Amherst Street Police Kaushik Das conducted drone surveillance at Rajabazar intersection. On the other hand, drone surveillance was also carried out at Barabazar police station area.
Mr Salil Roy, Officer-in-Charge of Barabazar Police Station, carried out surveillance on Mahatma Gandhi Road by flying drones on behalf of Barabazar Police Station. In addition to the lockdown in Barabazar and Rajabazar areas, the campaign being carried out through miking in every crowded alley.
Both the police stations were in action with drones in the sky,