May 9, 2021

Dev Participates in Kolkata Police’s “Read Mask Kolkata” campaign

Kolkata: Actor Deb, a Trinamool MP, has joined the Kolkata Police’s “Wear Mask” corona situation in the Corona situation. It is not possible to go out for a moment without a mask. The new initiative of Kolkata Police is to make the city dwellers aware about the importance of using masks.

Recently, Kolkata Police Commissioner Anuj Sharma is launching their ‘Mask Up Kolkata’ campaign. All the police stations and police departments in Kolkata are spreading the word.
In the meantime, this great initiative of the Kolkata Police, ‘Wear the mask, remove the corona’ – Mask Up Kolkata, has reached different parts of the city through tablo cars And through this special tablo, the need to wear masks is being explained to the city dwellers.
MP actor Deb spread awareness on social media to stop the deadly virus. Dev posted a picture of himself wearing a Kolkata police mask on his social media. Besides, the star actor of Bengali film Deb has also given a message of awareness there.Deb also gave a caption along with his picture in the post. He wrote in the caption, ‘Are you wearing a mask when you go out? Don’t forget, the mask is one of our tools in the fight against Corona. Join the ‘Mask Up Kolkata’ campaign recently launched by the Kolkata Police. Remember, the mask must be outside. Stay healthy, be careful. In this corona crisis situation, MP actor Deb has repeatedly come forward with the help of equally endangered and miserable people.It is becoming difficult to get a bed in Kovid Medical Hospital. Two days ago, a resident of Jadavpur was the victim of such a situation. The news spread overnight through social media. Actor Deb was in the role of savior as soon as he saw the news.