May 19, 2021

42 people die in Pujab, consuming illicit liquor, 8 bootleggers arrested

42 people die in Pujab

Delhi, Aug 2 : As many as 46 people have died over the last few days after consuming poisonous liquor in the district of Tarn Taran,Batala in Punjub. Hardwal Singh Mann, the D.I.G. of Firojpur and Dhurman Niwale, the SSP of Tarn Taran, said that police had a record of 62 deaths in this case. After an investigation, it revealed that 42 persons out of 62 had died after consuming poisonous liquor. Police kept alive the investigation to find out the cause of the suspicious deaths in the district. “In this case 8 bootleggers including a woman accused of serving liquor, have been arrested from the affected districts and a case had been filed.”, said the D.I.G. According to the DIG, the spurious liquor network was evidently spread across Patiala and Rajpur. These poisonous liquors had been supplied from some illegal wine factories. Police raided several times, arrested some people connected with this case, He added, persons connected with the production, distribution and selling of illicit alcohol, must be arrested by hook or by crook. Even, any politician connected with this ‘death business’ would be treated well.
The SSP said, “Police had raided 82 places and seized 3,75000 ml. illicit liquor, 16750 ml alcohol.” “Fourteen cases have been started,” he added.