May 11, 2021

Kumartuli artisans were tied Rakhis by third genders*

Kumartuli artisans were tied Rakhis


Kolkata,Aug.3: Every year this time, artists at Kumartuli were busy finishing the idols of Goddess Durga, her four children and demon Mahishasur and their workplace came alive with curious visitors staring while they worked. But Covid 19 offered them an uncertain future. To make them happy, even for a day, Howrah Kalyanshree Sarbajanin Duratsav Committee arranged Rakhi Bandhan fest for the Kumartuli artisans.
The festival became significant when the people from the third-gender communities tied Rakhis to them. It proved that festival had no religion, no gender. This program was titled ‘Bibhedhin Bandhan’. Bonding is not gender-biased.
Meghsayantani Ghosh, a lawyer from third gender community tied Rakhis to the children and to the artisans of Kumartuli. National Human Right’s member Arup Banerjee and fashion designer Pramit Mukherjee were present there as special guests.