May 9, 2021

Rakhi Bandhan : Celebrated by police across the state

Kolkata, Aug.3 : This year Rakhi Bandhan was celebrated across the West Bengal with a new look, a new view. Every year Rakhi Bandhan is celebrated with traditional fervor, but in the shadow of Covid 19 threats, the face of festival has been covered with masks. The day has been celebrated as a day of ‘Mask-Bandhan’ and this concept helped people to feel the necessity of wearing masks.
Jalpaiguri : Malbazar police celebrated the day as Mask-Bandhan day to aware the people. Shubhasis Chakraborty, the Ofiicer-In-Charge of Malbazar PS, suggested the wayfarers why they need to wear masks. The residents of the local containment zones have been tied Rakhis and offered sweets.
Jalpaiguri District Police celebrated the day by free distribution of masks. Kalyan Mukhopadhyay, DIG, Jalpaiguri Range ; Pradip Kumar Jadav, Police Super; Srikant Jagannath Rao, ASP; IC Kotowali Bipul Singh were present in the mask-distribution ceremony .
Sundarban Police Zilla : ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ campaign was organized by Vairab Tewari, the SP of Sundarban Police Zilla on this special day. All the wayfarers and all the vehicle drivers were offered free masks along with sweets. Free Helmets were also offered to the bike-riders who ‘forgot’ to wear helmets.
Birbhum : Birbhum Police celebrated the day as an awareness day. They tied Rakhis to the bike-riders who ‘forgot’ to wear helmetsas well as warned them. A motor-cycle rally was arranged to aware the people about the importance of ‘Safe Drive, Save Life’ concept.