May 11, 2021

Strict vigilance to make successful the main object of complete lockdown

lock down


Kolkata, Aug 5: Today was the first weekly lockdown of August and police department was strict to make successful the main object of bi-weekly complete lockdown. From Kolkata to districts, the pictures were more or less the same. Across the state Police played two different roles – one, the real job of a police and the other was the job of a social reformer with a friendly face. Police knew well that the law alone couldn’t succeed a lockdown in true sense without an awareness of the citizens.
Dunlop More, an important entry point to the city, was under the strict vigilance of Barahanagar Police and Dunlop traffic guard Police had decided to take strict action against those who defy lockdown, even, a single vehicle couldn’t move an inch without a thorough checking by the police and traffic guards. The cars headed to Kolkata or the vehicles from the city had to face a strict checking of the traffic guards.
In Jalpaiguri, police ordered to stop the ‘Ram-Puja’ program in Jalpaiguri town, organized by the BJP leaders and activists. Local BJP party had organized the program to celebrate the ‘Bhumi Puja ceremony in Ayodhya’. Police said, they can’t allow anybody to break the lockdown laws and can’t give permission to be assembled on the roads in lockdown situation. At noon, Barasat police shut down some shops after arresting the shop-keepers. Deganga police detained some local people for defying lockdown. A number of two-wheelers were seized.
In Jalpaiguri, the roads were deserted. The people who were moving aimlessly had to face the police interrogation. Without any arrest, police ordered them to back home.
In Midnapur, Mahishadal police had stopped a Ram Puja ceremony, arranged in BJP’s Mahishadal Mondal office. Party activists and the priests were compiled to vacate the place. Police picket was imposed there to avert political tension.