May 11, 2021

Irate women ransacked illegal liquor shops in Chandrakona

illegal liquor shops in Chandrakona


Chandrakona, Aug 6: Local angry women hailing from Kuanpur and Dharampur areas in Chandrakona, Midnapur ransacked the illegal liquor shops in their areas.
Locals alleged that illicit liquor trade had been flourishing at Dharampur area, beside the national highway, under 2 and 3 no Block. Illicit liquor was being sold even at tea shops and husk-shops, which don’t have license. Villagers urged to the administration to take action against the illegal traders, no action was taken in this regard. Police and the excise officials had maintained silence over the issue and this silence compiled the local women to take action against these illegal shops. The village-women vowed to make the villages liquor-free.