May 9, 2021

Villagers oppose building burning-ghat for the people who died of COVID-19

covid dath


Kolkaghat, Aug.6: Residents of Kaliswar, Dhuliara, Baliswar, Dehati village, did not allow the administration to build a burning-ghat at the crossing point of 4 villages. Tension prevailed in those areas after the Block administration decided to build a burning-ghat at the crossing point, few meters away from the connecting main road. The burning-ghat was decided to reserve for the people who died of covid 19.
Fearing spread of corona virus, the residents of those villages opposed the government’s planning.. They claimed that the main road was near the proposed area and the villagers had to go to their fields crossing the proposed burning-ghat.
They alleged that administration decided to build the burning-ghat without consulting the villagers. The irate villagers decided to go for a greater movement unless the proposed area changed.
On the other hand, Kolaghat BDO said, following all guidelines, we have selected the deserted place We have already called all-party meeting three times.