May 18, 2021

Older man died in Amdanga’s hospital allegedly failed to get any medical treatment

Older man died in Amdanga’s hospital

Amdanga, Aug 9: Prahlad Das, an older man of 72 died in Amdanga Rural Hospital after he allegedly failed to get any medical treatment. The victim’s relative alleged the staff at the hospital denied treatment to Prahlad and he collapsed after some hours.
Prahlad Das, resident of Moricha village in Amdanga, was brought to the hospital for the Covid test who had been suffering from fever with cough and cold.
The victim’s family members alleged that they had to wait a long time after the hospital staff collected the saliva sample. “Meanwhile, Prahlad’s fever kept rising and his condition worsened. We requested the hospital authority for his medical treatment. But none of the hospital staff came to help us. After few minutes, Prahlad died,” said one of Prahlad’s family member.
Denying the allegation, Tarun Bala, the BMOH of Amdanga Rural Hospital said over phone that Prahlad Das was brought for the test, not for treatment. The patient-party should have taken him to the emergency. But they didn’t do that.”