May 11, 2021

Kidnappers killed 7 year’s boy for Rs. 2 lakh ransom

Kidnappers killed 7 year’s boy

Kamal Majumdar,* Jangipur, Aug 9: In a gruesome act, a 7 year boy was kidnapped and killed within 24 hours of his abduction with the miscreants proceeding on to demand a ransom of Rs 2 lakh from his father. The body of the 7-year-old boy was recovered from a mango-garden, near Duckbangalow Krishi Farm under Samshergunj police station, on Sunday, said police.

Locals said, the name of the victim was Rayhan Moholdar, resident of Dhulian. He was abducted while playing outside his home. After hours, his father received a ransom-call from the kidnappers. They demanded a ransom of Rs 20 lakh in lieu of the safe return of the child. At first, the victim’s family gave no importance at the ransom call, but finally they refused to pay that large volume of money.
The victim’s dead body was found on Sunday and sent for the postmortem. Police registered a case and started inquiry.