May 12, 2021

BJP worker killed in scuffle with TMC,during Flag hoisting: RAF deployed

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Anal Bhattacharya, Khanakul, Aug 15: A BJP booth worker named Sudarshan Pramanik, was allegedly killed in scuffle with TMC miscreants during flag hoisting ceremony on Independence Day by the TMC activists. Surajit Samanta, another BJP booth worker was also wounded in the clash. The situation is tense and RAF has been deployed to control the situation.

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The Khanakul party offices of both the BJP and the TMC are adjacent. On Saturday morning both party activists arranged a Flag hoisting ceremony. The scuffle began after a verbal confrontation that happened between the leaders of the two parties. This scuffle finally led to the bombing in the area.
A BJP worker, Sudarshan Pramanik, was fatally injured with a sharp weapon, after which he was rushed to the hospital where he was declared dead by the doctors, This led to a surcharged political environment in that area with the BJP supporters demanding action for the death of one of its workers. The Khanakul police have now initiated a probe into the matter.