May 9, 2021

Married woman raped by a Tantrik, seeking a remedy

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Machlandpur, Aug. 18: A tantric, named Suman Hari, resident of Shimulpara, Machlandpur, was arrested for allegedly raped a married woman at his residence. The woman, who is married, came to him seeking a remedy to break her husband’s extra-marital affair.
The victim believed that her husband was in an extra-marital relationship. She met a Tantrik from Tarapith to get a perfect solution. A relative told her about Suman Hari’s ‘divine’ powers and that he could help her. The occultist Suman Hari took Rs. 15000 from her as fees of jajna and called her to his home to perform some remedies where he raped her after given some intoxicant.

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The Tantrik threatened her if she opened her mouth all her naked photos would be made public. But finally, the victim gathered courage and registered an FIR against that fake Tantrik Suman Hari. Machlandpur Police arrested the accused and produced him to the court.