May 11, 2021

Traffic Sergeant injured while doing duty at lockdown

Picture : File

A police sergeant working at the Altadanga intersection near Hudco Crossing was hit and injured by a vehicle. The car injured the police when they tried to force the traffic police to stop the car in violation of the lockdown.According to police, Akash Haldar (24) and Titas Mitra (33) were driving the vehicle.

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This morning, when the traffic police were cutting them off, they saw a Toyota car coming out on the road in violation of the lockdown. Naturally the car avoided when the police went to question them. The secretary left without following any traffic laws and police instructions.After that, the police members of Hudco Crossing informed the matter to Sergeant Biswajit Saha in charge of Kankurgachhi. He then tried to stop the car but the driver intentionally hit him. His head was blown off and he was admitted to Apello in a bloody state. Then the whole matter was investigated. During the investigation, the suspects were arrested in a raid in Parnashree PS area and the criminal vehicle was also seized by the police.