May 19, 2021

Quarreled between two brothers snatched the life of an innocent pet

Picture : File

Anal Bhattacharya, Chinsurah, Aug. 21: A little dog Liza finally defeated to death after a battle of three hours. It died leaving an unanswered question to the humans – how long, you keep quarreling and we have to pay for that?
Sanjit Haldar, the owner of the pet Liza, lodged a complaint with the Chinsurah PS that his brother had poisoned his pet dog to death. Ranjit Halder, brother of Sanjit, denied the allegation and said, “It was a conspiracy. Me and my family didn’t poison their pet.” Ranjit’s daughter demanded the autopsy of the dog to know the fact.

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A fight between two brothers for the ancestral property snatched the life of an innocent pet. Sanjit Haldar tried his best for the treatment of his pet. He and his wife rushed to the veterinary surgean after failed to admit Liza to the Chinsural Veterinary Hospital due to lockdown. But Liza passed away leaving the inhuman world.