May 18, 2021

Kolkata Police solved the Ultodanga Mill- labor-murder case

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Kolkata, Aug. 21: Kolkata Police got a victory after arresting the killer of a labor. The labor, Rakesh Shaw (30) was found dead lying into a dal-mill at Gorapada Sarkar Lane in Ultodanga area, a couple of days ago..

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After the murder, the killer left a threat-statement written in paint on the inner wall of the mill. Police recovered a note-book from the murder-spot. The note-book contained lyrics. After an inquiry Police confirmed that the note-book was Shakil Khan’s, a temporary labor of the same mill. The hand-writing in the note-book and the hand-written threatening statement on the wall were identical. A single person wrote the graffiti that composed the lyrics in the note-book. The two-handwriting are alike. Police have arrested Shakil after testing the handwriting by the expert. But the reason behind the murder has not been confirmed by the police.