May 11, 2021

Minor committed suicide at a juvenile home after being rescued

Pic: File

Raghunathgunj, Aug 21: Sonali Chowdhury (16) a minor girl from Raghunathgunj who allegedly ran away from her home with a boy of Jotkomal area on 12 August, had been rescued and sent to a Juvenile home, where she committed suicide on Friday morning. The family of the victim doubted that something behind that unnatural death.
According to the victim’s family, Sonali had an affair with a boy of the same area. Sonali left home with her boy-friend on 12 August. Her father made a missing diary on the very next day. After an investigation, police rescued Sonali and arrested the boy on Thursday. After producing to the court, Sonali was sent to a juvenile home in Berhampore.

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In the morning, the victim’s father received a call from Berhampore Silayan Home where he knew that Sonali had committed suicide. Sonali’ family raised a bunch of questions after pointing to the loopholes of a government-run juvenile home. They couldn’t understand how a girl committed suicide in a room where 4 or 5 other girls were present. They demanded an inquiry.