May 9, 2021

Lockout in shoe-factory: Fate of workers hangs in balance

Picture : FIle

Kankinara, Aug. 24: Authority of a shoe-factory in Kanknara declared a lockout at the plant on Monday, after the workers protested against the company’s breach of contact. With the closure, the fate of 1200 workers hangs in balance.
On Monday morning, the workers saw a notice put up on the gate of the factory stating the decision of the company and staged a demonstration. Bhatpara Police rushed to the spot to control the situation.

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The angry workers of the factory said, the management recruited numbers of workers promising the better wages, but they failed to pay that. The workers staged demonstration at the factory gate against the authority several times, but the authority paid no attention.
On Monday, the workers saw the factory gate closed and a lockout notice was put up.