May 11, 2021

Humanity never dies: Burrabazar PS back 2 minor boys home

Pic: File

Kolkata, Aug. 25: “They left home in the evening of 23 August without any information. After 2 days, they were found wandering on the Mahtma Gandhi Road in Kolkata on Tuesday morning. One is of 13 and the other is 9 years old. The elder is Raj Banerjee and the younger is Rabi Biswas. They are known to each other, therefore they made the plan to leave home together as a part of adventure or to teach their family a lesson.
Two days after, they discovered that the real world is more rough and tough.than they thought before. But, the world is soft too. Burrabazar Police finally rescued those little boys by their lady-police staff and taken to Burrabazar PS Child Friendly Corner Burrabazar PS contacted their parents and requested them to back their sons home.

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After verifying all aspects, Raj Banerjee was handed over to her mother Anu Banerjee and Rabi Biswas to his father Joydeb Biswas.
Both the families exhaled a sigh of relief and thanked the Burrabazar police personnel for their humanity.