May 9, 2021

 Bidhannagar Cyber Police busted a fake marriage bureau scams 

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Bidhannagar, Aug. 27: Bidhannagar Cyber Crime police officers busted fake marriage bureau scams, amid the Covid 19 pandemic after arresting a woman Kakali Biswas from Kestpur area. Police said the woman was involved in the exploitation of people who are seeking life-partners. She was an expert to play with the emotions of people and their beliefs. The accused has been produced before the Bidhannagar Court.

A retired IAS officer registered a complaint to the Bidhannagar Cyber Crime police station that he had contacted a ‘marriage bureau’ after noticing an advertisement published in the newspaper, for his daughter’s marriage.

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According to him, Kakali opened a marriage bureau and published matrimonial advertisements in different newspapers. When a prospective client would visit her, she would charge him fat fees by showing the pictures of the grooms or brides. The woman sent them several grooms’ photos to him for the selection. When he selected a groom, she got the man to talk with her daughter on tele-conference. But, after depositing the fees for the final-negotiation, the woman cut off all the contacts.

Police came to know after an investigation that the fraudster would use fake online profiles, portraying themselves as persons involved in a respectable field. Kakali Biswas, the accused, collected the groom’s or bride’s photos downloading from the social networking sites. She had her own paid boys and girls for tele-talking.