May 9, 2021

Tea-stall owner set on fire in broad day light

Pic: File

Kolkata, Aug. 28: A Tea-stall owner set on fire in broad day light. The incident occurred at 95, Narkeldanga Main Road in Phoolbagan. The victim sustained 20% burns.
It was about 5 am. The first ray of light just enlightened the top of the buildings. Vinod Jadav put the kettle on the gas-oven as usual. The water started boiling. A car halted before the tea-corner and two men, Sujit Jadav and Saheb Jadav got off the car and headed toward the tea-corner.
“Where’s Arjun, Arjun Jadav?” One of them asked Vinod. Vinod answered negatively. And this made the two men crazy. Saheb rushed to their car and right back with a petrol-can.
“Open your mouth or not? “
Vinod stood staring at them.”Now, your turn, you will be torched alive,” said the angry men.
Moments after, Sujit threw the can at Vinod who was standing behind the burning oven. Just a fraction of second, Vinod caught fire. The two men left the place leaving Vinod burning.

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Locals informed the police. OC Phoolbagan Karuna Shankar Singh rushed to the spot along with the other officers. Vinod was immediately rushed to the hospital. Doctor said, he has received 20% burn injuries.
A case was registered and within 3 hours police arrested Sujit Jadav. Police is now investigating to find out the cause of torching a man.