May 18, 2021

8-year-old girl sexually abused in Tripura: arrested 4 minor boys

Pic: File

Agartala, Sep. 7: Four minor boys have been detained by Airport Police on charges of sexually abusing a 8-year-old girl at Bamutia. A complaint was lodged by the father of the victim girl with the Airport police station on Saturday.
In the complaint, father of the victim alleged that seven boys called his daughter to play with them. But they intimidated her and sexually abused the little girl. A police officer of the Airport police station informed “The seven minors, who have been named by the victim girl’s father in his complaint, are in the age group of 11-16 years,”

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On Saturday night, Airport police have detained four of the seven minor boys, who were allegedly involved in the sexual abuse of the minor girl. As per procedure, the minor boys have been kept in a rehabilitation centre. The police have also made arrangements of Covid 19 test for the detained minor boys. According to reports, two of the detained have tested Covid 19 positive. Notably, the two minors, who have tested Covid 19 positive, are 12 and 13 years old.