May 9, 2021

Murder-accused lynched to death by irate mob in UP

Picture : File

Lucknow, Sep. 7: A murder-accused was lynched to death before the police personnel at Kushinagar in UP. Several policemen were present and some were seen trying to stop the attack but the blows did not stop even when the man stopped moving. The victim’s head has been smashed by the irate mob.
According to the police, the man was from Gorakhpur. He allegedly shot and killed a teacher earlier Monday using his father’s gun. After shooting the teacher, the man climbed the terrace of his house, waved the gun and fired it to keep villagers at bay. When the police arrived, he raised his hands in surrender and was brought down by the police. He was being led to a police vehicle when the villagers allegedly dragged him away and set upon him.

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Kushinagar superintendent of police Vinod Kumar Mishra said, “The cops climbed the terrace and asked him to surrender. There was an exchange of fire. The man then came down from the terrace and tried to bolt himself inside a room. A crowd pounced on him there and before the cops could reach him, he was trashed so badly that he died.”