May 18, 2021

‘Godman’ and others 3 arrested for selling Monitor lizard genitals to ‘treat’ infertility

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Bengaluru, Sep. 11: A 46-year-old self-styled godman in Karnataka’s Bagalkot and his associates were arrested on Thursday for allegedly selling monitor lizard genitals to women who were apparently struggling to conceive. The godman has been identified as Sanna Eerappa Jammanna (46). His associates are Basappa Siddagiri Bilagi (33), Eerappa Bandeppa Jirali (61) and his son Pavan Eerappa Jirali (29).

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A joint operation by the police and the Karnataka forest department in Bagalkot’s Bilgi taluk resulted in the arrest of three more persons in connection with the godman. Officials also recovered 503 sea fans along with 498 lizard genitals.Forest officials said that the godman would get women followers and they would be advised to worship the lizard genitals following a ritual.
Notably, Monitor lizards are large lizards in the genus Varanus. They are native to Africa, Asia, and Oceania, but are now found also in the Americas as an invasive species.