May 9, 2021

Northeast Delhi Riots: Police arrested Ex –JNU- student Umar Khalid

Source: Twitter

Delhi, Sep. 14: Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested Umar Khalid, a former member of the Jawaharlal Nehru University Student’s Union (JNUSU), in connection with the northeast Delhi riots under relevant sections of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (UAPA). Sources said, Delhi Police’s Special Cell summons short film producer Rahul Roy and documentary filmmaker Saba Dewan for questioning in connection with northeast Delhi.

The Delhi violence went on for 72 hours following widespread protests against CAA/NRC claimed 53 lives and left over 400 people injured.

On the other hand, activist advocate Prashant Bhushan raised doubts about the investigation. He wrote on a tweeter message – “Umar Khalid’s arrest by Delhi police after naming Yechury, Yogendra Yadav, Jayati Ghosh & Apoorvanand leaves no doubt at all about the mala fide nature of its investigation into Delhi riots. It’s a conspiracy by the police to frame peaceful activists in the guise of Investigation.”

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Two days ago, TMC MP Mahua Maitra tweeted on 12 September – “Delhi riots chargesheet silent on Kapil Mishra but includes Yechury & Yogendra Yadav Am now certain BJP govt will re-write history textbooks naming Nehru as chief instigator of Gujarat riots.”

An Indian Youth Congress leader Srivatsa Y.B. said the arrest was targeted. He tweeted -“Umar Khalid has been arrested under UAPA by this cowardly & biased govt. Kapil Mishra screamed ‘Goli Maaro’ in his hate speech which had a big role to play in the riots Forget arrest or UAPA, there was not even a FIR against him What has Umar Khalid done? BJP govt is purposefully hounding him. Will judiciary uphold liberty?”