May 19, 2021

Serial Child Killers of India

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A Special True Crime Series by Tarak Ghosh

Third Part
June 17, 2004
Two months passed without a kidnap as if that the nightmare was over. But, actually, it felt like the entire community was just waiting in fear of the killer to take another child. For all of that period Darbara was a model citizen going about his daily life just the same as everybody else was. It happened on June 17. In June he kidnapped three children in total, one boy and two girls. Jatinder (7) was kidnapped from Leather Complex on 17 June. After 12 days, Ravina (4), a resident of Shastri Nagar and Patal Kumari (4) from Basti Bawa Khel were kidnapped. Both of them were luckily saved.

Jatinder, a boy of seven years, was missing from Leather Complex area. When he did not return home his parents became worried. They decided to search the neighborhood, fanning out and taking the most direct route to the park. But there was no sign of the child and their efforts seemed to be in vain.

Public concern, outrage, and fear continued to grow in the town of Jalandhar. Parents were afraid to let their children go anywhere alone, and most parents took their children to school and picked them up afterwards. Everyone in the community was affected in one way or another, whether it is by grief, sorrow, fear, or outrage. The entire area had become a place of sadness and terror, and so it would remain until the sadistic child slayer could be apprehended and brought to justice.

In August, Darbara Sighkidnapped 10 children, six girls and four boys. And killed 7 of them.
August 6: Poonam ( 7), a resident of Basti Peerdaad was kidnapped and her dead body was found.
August 15: Lacchmi (5). A resident of Basti Shiekh was kidnapped and killed. .
August 16: Darbara Singh kidnapped Laloo Parsaad (6) from Leather Complex Area. On the same day he also kidnapped another boy and a girl, Rajesh Kumar a resident of Basti Bawa Khel and Nikita, a resident of Basti Danishmandan. They were luckily saved. After his arrest, Darbara Singh led the police to a spot in Shah Changi village, where he had dumped Laloo’s naked body.
August 22: He kidnapped Tazbinn(10) and her sister Mumtaaz(7). Taazbin was killed and Mumtaaz saved.
August 28: He kidnapped Sanju Mumar, a boy of 5 from Basti Shiekh. He was killed. On August 28, Rajesh Kumar (7) and her sister Gita (5) were kidnapped from Leather Complex. He was found naked and sexually assaulted. While she was found with clothes on, her brother was stark naked.

Why Darbara chose little boys and girls below 10?

Serial killers who focus their horrific crimes on children are often considered among the highest level of evil. Many of these serial killers of children include torture, mutilation, and sexual assault among their crimes against children. It is almost universally accepted that sexual predators that target children, almost never stop on their own. Instead, they continue until they are stopped by someone else.

Darbara had developed a grudge against migrants, holding them responsible for wasting many years of his life. He targeted the children of Model Town, Leather Complex, Basti Shiekh, Basti Peerdaad, Basti Mithu, Urban Estate Phase II, Jallowal Colony. All of the children came from laborer-families. To take his ‘revenge’ against the migrants, he started targeting their children around the area. His victims were always little children who could be lured to secluded areas with promises of buying something or toffees They were from small areas of Jalandhar city. He chose the small areas because small-town dwellers were an easier target for him, precisely because there was a sense that everyone “knows” everyone else and no one wanted to believe that the quiet man next door, who always bought toffees for the children, might be a serial killer.

He chose children who were alone and away from their homes. Most of Darbara’s victims were children below 10. The children were threatened with death, repeatedly sexually assaulted,
Poonam ( 7), Lacchmi (5). Laloo Parsaad (6) Tazbinn(10) Mumtaaz(7). Rajesh Kumar (7) Gita (5) Jatinder (7) Diksha (7) and a lot of children were the victims of Darbara Singh. A number of children are still missing even after the death of Darbara. No one knows where they have gone.
Missing Children

Manju F 8
Lashki F 8
Bittu M 7
Vikas alias Mani M 13
Lashmi F 9
Bisjeet (brother of Lashmi) M 8

There are two things that are important to successfully sexually abuse somebody. Firstly, killing first saved a child killer from being caught. Secondly, the children’s fight back was limited to pushing away the killer’s hand. Deeply traumatic experiences, especially during childhood, can have an even deeper impact in adult life. They can significantly shape an individual’s personality and life choices, spurring research into the connection between childhood abuse and criminal behavior.

Darbara Singh was a pedophile. So he liked children. Maybe there was another cause to abduct children. That was – taking revenge. He had a grudge in the migrant workers. So he wanted to teach them.

Pedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent is sexually attracted to young children. Pedophiles can be anyone—old or young, rich or poor, educated or uneducated, non-professional or professional, and of any race. Pedophiles often have a specific age of child they target. Some prefer younger children, some older. Pedophiles work hard at stalking their targets and will patiently work to develop relationships with them. It is not uncommon for them to be developing a long list of potential victims at any one time. Many of them believe that what they are doing is not wrong.

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Tazbin was a 10 years old girl when she was abducted and killed. Tazbin was the daughter of Maqsood, a resident of Avtaar Nagar Jalandhar. Tazmin was abducted on August 22, 2004 and killed by Darbara Singh.

The incident is fictionalized to know what had actually happened. Names of the victims have been changed to protect privacy.

Sabina (Name changed) and her sister Nadira (Name changed) were playing outside of home. The man approached cautiously with a dubious expression on his face, stopping just behind the girls playing on the ground. He looked around and smiled a little.
“Hi girls, what are you doing?” He said in a lower voice.
At first, they didn’t watch the man. But when the man asked them again, Sabina and her sister raised their eyes and noticed the man smiling at them. They looked at each other, trying to remember if they had seen him before. But they didn’t recall. They again looked at him with a little curiosity.
The man gain asked, “Would you like toffees? He opened a bag and dragged out a handful of colorful toffees. The girls could not understand why this unknown man offering them toffees. Sabina looked at the toffees and again looked at her sister. Her eyes became hungry to see a number of toffees they had ever seen before. She placed her hands.
Moments after, the man offered them an empty bottle and told them that they could fetch good money by selling the bottle.
“If you come with me, I will give more bottles and sweets.” The man said. She could remember her father advised her not to speak with strangers.
“But I can’t recognize you. Maybe you have the wrong person.” Sabina said.
“I’m not mistaken. I do know you. You’re Sabina and you Nadira.. Actually, I work with your father in the factory.”
“Would you like to go?” The corners of his mouth slowly rose into a smile. Sabina was curious about him and suddenly felt comfortable. It’s probably because she’s trying to prove her seniority to her sister.
At first Sabina was ready to with him, but when she looked at the man, and watched his determination to have her grow behind his dark eyes. Sheer panic took over her body. She refused to go along, but Sabina agreed to go with him. She already started believing the man because he demanded him as her father’s friend.
After few minutes, he seated the girl on his bicycle and paddled. Soon after they left, the younger sister returned home. He ran to her parents. The parents asked the younger girl about her sister. She was in tears and she told that she had been picked up by a middle-aged man. He had a bi-cycle with him. Her parents asked her where they had gone, but they did not get any proper response. Her family left home in search of her, trying to look for her in the neighborhood. But, they could not get any trace. After the family could not find her, they registered an FIR with the police station. When the investigating officer asked her about the kidnapper she didn’t give any new information, in fact she only repeated the same story that she had narrated before.
After an hour of kidnapping
Soft moans and mumbles trailed from Sabina’s lips as she felt herself trying to wake up from a horrible dream. Her body hurt and her head was pounding. She could not understand first where she was. She blinked, trying to understand her surroundings. Her eyes flared sharply as she tried to scream, a hand clamped over her little lips. She could see a middle-aged man kneeling before her. At first she couldn’t remember who the man was. Then she came to her senses and recalled everything. (To be continued…)/Copyright: Tarak Ghosh.