May 11, 2021

A True Crime Series by Tarak Ghosh

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RECAP: “At first she couldn’t remember who the man was. Then she came to her senses and recalled everything.”

Third Part
“D-don’t move.” He whispered, his voice roughened by lust. She stopped, watching him.
Meanwhile, the man dragged a knife and placed himself beside her. Seeing the knife she became more frightened and closed her little eyes. She could just understand that the father-like like man would kill her like the chicken. But she didn’t know what the man’s next evil intention was. He tried to hold her head steady to kiss her. She screamed in great fear, not realizing what the man was doing to her. Her screamed of fear and pleaded for mercy fell upon his deaf ears and was of no comfort to him. The tears gushed down her face while the man shoved something into her mouth to shut her up. The terrified little girl was left to a sexual predator and the beast getting ready to assault her again.
She was a very sheltered little girl, so she had no idea what was happening to her. She was confused and scared. She wondered what was wrong with her that these things kept happening to her.. all over her groins.
A few minutes later, the little girl was screaming again. She was suffering a great pain. She could see blood was running down. The man took the knife and bent down to see her terror-stricken eyes.
She closed her eyes as his blade pierced her flesh and bright-red blood stained the whiteness of her skirt. She didn’t even have the opportunity cry out as her brief life ebbed away. Then he raped the dead body and pushed the knife into the middle of his neck and straight through and out the other side of the neck. Then he cut off a hand of the girl and wrapped with a plastic sheet. After a few minutes, he started stripping the dead body and stared at it.


After the incident (The original names of the victims are used here)

After a week, Sabina ‘s body was found in bushes at Chaheru village on the Jalandhar-Phagwara Road. The body was found lying in a mutilated condition. Numerous abrasions and deep cuts were visible on the girls’ body and the cuts were obviously produced by a sharp instrument of some sort most probably a knife or razor. Marks on Tazmin’s body made it appear as if she had been raped and brutally beaten. The police had to declare the body as unclaimed and it was accordingly cremated at Phagwara.

‘Who’ll bring back our daughter?’
Maqsood and Najreel, the local Avtaar Nagar-based father and mother of Tazbin, the 10-year-old alleged victim of Darbara Singh, had never thought even in their wildest dreams that they would lose their beloved daughter in a savage way.
Maqsood and Nazreel told the press reporters, “We never thought that Tazbin would ever go away from us like this. It is so difficult for us to believe that Tazbin had in fact become a victim of a beast like Darbara Singh.” The intensity of the love of Nazreel and her husband for their daughter was so strong that they could not recognize the body of Tazbin. The body was found lying in a mutilated condition from bushes near Chaheru on the Jalandhar-Phagwara Road in the last week of August. The police had to declare the body as unclaimed and it was accordingly cremated at Phagwara.
Tazbin’s parents said, “We want the killer to be hanged, as he has committed a series of ruthless crimes. What had these children done to him? Why could no police official detect the crimes earlier? These are some questions which come to our mind. We think that except hanging, there can be no other punishment for a beast like Darbara, who killed his unsuspecting victims in a cold-blooded manner.”
Their affection for their daughter shows when they say sadly, “Who will bring our daughter back? We are not even left with the photo of our lovely daughter, as we distributed copies of her only picture during the search operation launched to trace her.”
The family still remembers the dark day of August 22 when Tazbin, who had gone out to play, went missing. She was allegedly picked up by Darbara, who enticed her by offering her some sweets and an empty bottle. The police investigations have revealed that he lured Tazbin and her sister Mumtaaz by telling them that they could fetch good money by selling the bottle. Both were thereafter made to sit on his bicycle, but Mumtaaz refused to go along with Darbara.

The police alerted the locals that a serial killer was on the prowl and targeting the children.

August 16, 2006: Darbara Singh kidnapped Laloo Parsaad (6) from Leather Complex Area. At the same day he also kidnapped another boy and a girl, Rajesh Kumar a resident of Basti Bawa Khel, and Nikita, a resident of Basti Danishmandan. They were luckily saved.

In October total eight children were kidnapped. Five girls and three boys. Seven of them were found dead.

On October 22, Rani (9) was kidnapped from Jallowal Colony. Killed in Nakodar.
On 25 October Khurseed, a boy of 5 and his sister Ronku (5) were kidnapped from Basti Mithu and killed.
In October he also kidnapped Amrit and Karu from Leather Complex Area and Puja (8) and Deepak (8). They were found dead.


Brother and sister abducted & killed

On 25 October, 2004 Khursheed and his cousin Ronku were playing in the afternoon near Basti Mithu. When they did not return home, the family searched for them for two days, and then registered a missing person complaint.
The incident is fictionalized to know what had actually happened. Names of the victims have been changed to protect privacy.

It was October, the festive season. Pinky, (Name changed) a little girl of eight was playing with his little brother Ramesh (Name changed) a few yards away from their home. They watched the man walking closer to where they playing. The man couldn’t help but catch a few glances at their delicate features. A smile formed on his lips as he watched the children playing in the dirt. A few questions were spinning in his head – ‘Would I find the right children? Would they fight back? Would I actually be able to go through with it and if I did, what would happen afterwards?’ He shook his head and kicked off the thoughts out of his head and walked over to them.
The man then introduced himself as their father’s friend and tried to initiate conversation. He made jokes, asked them about what they were doing, He kept talking, trying to be over-friendly almost and it was just kept becoming more creepy. He offered to buy them toffees. Pinky looked up at the young man, her brown eyes large with curiosity. Staring at the man she said, “My Mommy says not to talk to the stranger.” Finishing her words, she looked at her brother and smiled like an big girl. The young man said noting, but looked her over, amusement tugging at his lips. She couldn’t be more than seven or eight in his estimation.
He bent over, resting his palms on his knees to bring himself to her eye level. “What’s your name?” He asked, taking in her smooth coffee colored skin as it glimmered in the sun light.
“You come here every day?…” Pinky’s brother said.
“Yes, almost. I love children as I have no kids.” The man said with a sad tone. The man placed his hands firmly on Pinky’s arms. Though Pinky was a small girl, but she would not allow herself to be intimidated by this man. “Who was he, anyway?” she thought to herself.
“Every little girl is afraid of something,” the man said, stepping closer. “The dark, mirrors, maybe dolls.”

The girl and her brother laughs. “Dolls? That’s crazy.”
The man took another step closer.
“How about spiders?”

Ramesh said, “Well…”

The younger girl laughed. “Are you afraid of spiders?”

“Yes. So what?”

He lowered his hand and took Pinky’s hands in his. “My child, perhaps we can go to buy something for you.
“Do you love toffees? I have some with me, but I can give you more if you come with me.”
The children looked at each other. Minutes after, they said, “Please uncle don’t tell our parents. We can go with you, but please leave us here soon.” The man was waiting for this answer. His heart began to pound under his chest. His plan was running along the right highway. He told them to climb on his cycle. Soon, he paddled to his own cave.
Soon after they all reached near a canal side. The place was totally abandoned. People rare visited this place, but the man knew the place well. He helped them to climb down. The children looked around, but couldn’t see any store there. They became confused. Being afraid, Ramesh said, “Didi (sister), here is no store, I am feeling uneasy.”
The man looked at them and smiled. “At first we play something, then I buy you toffees and back you home, okay?” The man said while looking around.
Pinky looked at him, then looked at her brother. She could feel something was wrong there. Her sixth sense alerted her and she shouted suddenly, “Bhaiya (Brother), run,,,run.” As they started running, the man grabbed their hands. He was grabbing Pinky’s hand so tightly that she thought it would be broken.
“Don’t scream. None can hear of you. Just obey my order and you are safe. And if you don’t behave well, you have to pay for that.” he was barking commands at them. He took out a knife from his pocket and pushed them.
They were terrified as he forced them to walk over to a sugarcane field at knife point. She began struggling, but he was so powerful that her struggles were useless.

The field was filled with sugarcanes. But there was a little place vacant in the middle of the field. Nobody can see from outside what was happening there. They were scared. Pinky’s little brain somehow felt that something worse was going to happen. She could not control herself and started crying. Her brother looked at her and cried loudly. The man gagged their mouths with soft balls and tied their hands with a nylon rope. Then he threw them roughly onto the ground. They lay helpless on the field. He stared at their little skinny bodies with his greedy eyes.

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The man walked over to Pinky and sat beside her. He warned her again before removing her gag. She begged; she started sobbing, knowing she was helpless, terrified at what he might do to her. The man was unmoved by her cries, probably enjoying her helplessness. The middle-aged man whom the little girl thought a good person was then busy to unmask his real face..
Minutes after, he settled himself close to her and started unbuttoning her skirt. Before doing that he ordered his brother to open his eyes. He pulled the skirt from under her hips, down her thighs and legs. She tried kicking but he easily controlled her legs as he continued slowly stripping her, enjoying the pleading of his helpless victim. She never felt more helpless before a father-like man.

“This is going to be really hard for you.” The man said with a cruel smile.

The man stared at her half naked body for a minute. Ramesh was shivering. He never thought to be witnessed such a horrifying incident. He remained silent in great fear.

There was a great silence. Only the sound of blowing wind and the chattering of the birds sound were heard,. The man took his knife. The small girl could not see anything. She was suffering a great pain, she thought she was dying. Everything seemed to her a nightmare. She hoped it would be over quickly and she would discover that nothing happened in real. She could remember her mother’s face, she could remember her home. But when she opened her eyes, she could see the flash of a sharp knife near her throat. She tried to scream, she tried to run, but couldn’t do anything. The man drew the knife across the neck, from left to right. She felt her blood drained from her throat. Her hands became cold, her feet losing feeling.
He laid her gently onto the hard earth and crossed her bare, tanned arms across her chest. Then he walked away from her after wiping her blood off my blade on her skirt.

Then he walked over to the little boy. He was trembling in great fear.Within seconds he was behind the boy saying, ‘I’m going to kill you, boy’. He pulled his head back and slit his throat.” He felt a warm feeling coming down his throat all of a sudden. Then, with the knife in the same position, he pulled the blade through the tissues of the throat to open the throat completely.

In real
Khursheed was the son of a migrant from Darbhanga district, Bihar. Khursheed and his cousin Ronku were playing near their house, in the afternoon. When they did not return home, the family searched for them for two days, and then registered a missing persons complaint. After his arrest, Singh led the police to a place near Kadianwali village, from where the police recovered the bodies of Khursheed and his cousin Ronku. The post-mortem showed that both Khursheed and Roku had been sexually assaulted: there were ruptures on their private parts. Singh was acquitted in the case because of insufficient evidence. While the body of Khursheed had clothes on, Ronku’s body was naked and the throat had been slit.


Escape with a cutting throat

Nishu was the sister of Rajesh. Nishu was playing with the other children in front of her house, when she went missing. Her father registered a missing person complaint on 19 October.

The incident is fictionalized to know what had actually happened. Names of the victims have been changed to protect privacy.
Rita wriggled, trying to pull away from him. She grabbed his hand away, shifting his balance. He caught himself and then reached to her wrist, grabbing onto it tightly, holding it above her head. Her other hand tried to claw at the arm holding her down, but he grabbed onto that wrist too, and trapped both her hands together. Her arms were straight above her head, she had nothing to do but scream.
His hand made it to her throat, and then he slid his fingers around her chin, and to her lips. She pushed her lips together and leaned back her head, trying to pull away from his touch. He was seducing her, commanding her body in a way no one had ever tried. He reached up and pulled the top of her head back down, planting a hard, lust-filled kiss on her lips.
“Lay still,” the man ordered her, “I’m going to take my hand down. I want you to keep your arms above your head, understand?”
Rita screamed in pain and she begged the man to let her go. But her pleas went unheeded because the heartless man was too obsessed with his own lust. The man just looked at her, watching her terrified eyes, as he tied her arms around the tree. He stood, next to her, watching Rita writhe in fear. (To be continued…) Copyright: Tarak Ghosh