May 18, 2021

Anti-narcotics drive in Tripura: 3 lakh marijuana saplings destroyed

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Delhi, Sep. 15: Is there any difference between ‘social distancing’ and ‘physical distancing’? Yes, a vast difference – the term ‘social distancing’ promotes a social stigma of Covid 19 patients and their families. Not only that, the term ‘physical distancing’ is more scientific and appropriate than the term ‘social distancing.’ The term ‘social distancing’ has been misusing by a section of the society-men and caused a social discrimination.
On Tuesday, the same demand was made in Rajya Sabha for using the term ‘physical distancing’ for fighting Covid-19 on the grounds that the use of the term ‘social distancing’ was promoting social stigma of Covid-victims and their families. Covid-19 patients and their families are facing several “inhuman situations.

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Chairman Venkaiah Naidu agreed the suggestion and said an appropriate term should be used and suggested ‘safe distancing’.
Trinamool Congress leader Shantanu Sen said ina special mention, the term ‘social distancing’ is regularly used to avoid the spread of corona-virus. Actually, it is physical distancing of nearly six feet between two persons. On the contrary, the use of the term social distancing has promoted social stigma which has led to nearly an attitude of boycotting of Covid-19 patients socially. To stop the social discrimination, the term ‘social distancing’ should not be used.”