May 18, 2021

A True Crime Series by Tarak Ghosh

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Devilish Darbara

People kill for many reasons though, some of them understandable but others are totally unfathomable. However, more gruesome than killing by usual means like stabbing, shooting or poisoning, is the act of butchery after the murder. Mutilating, dismembering, slaughtering and, even worse, eating a fellow human is beyond reason; an act that is horrific and probably not the work of a sane individual. A person without regret or remorse isn’t normal.

Darbara had no regrets. That, at least, was something he was proud of. There were things he wished he might have done differently, things he was sorry he’d never get the chance to do. Who didn’t? It was an intrinsic aspect of human nature, to second guess, to dream. But he was happy with what had gone before, with the paths he’d chosen. Remorse never came in to my thinking, at the time of the kill or at any time afterwards. I had done what I had set out to do – kill a stranger – and I had done it cleanly, successfully. I was in a state of controlled euphoria that stayed with me until I arrived home and was able to secrete myself in my bedroom. That was when the enormity of what I’d done hit home.
He is in full control of his ruthless self and can even flash a broad smile. Arrest has not, in any way, made the alleged serial killer, Darbara Singh, remorseful. “I have no remorse for having killed the children of migrant laborers, as they were instrumental in sending me to jail,” he said coolly.
“I abducted children of migrants, and if any of these girls or boys resisted my attempts, I would slit their throats and simply dump or drown them. I also killed one Punjabi girl by mistake and I am a bit shaken by this. But I had no alternative, as she could have created problems for me. Similarly, I killed all babies to eliminate any possibility of leaving behind a proof,” Darbara confessed.
What is intriguing is that despite tightened vigil, he was never intercepted at a naka or by any police official, even as he simply walked in and out of the city on his bicycle. Darbara Singh told the ‘The Tribune’ newspaper, “Nobody ever suspected me. I thought I could carry on with my activities. Still, I have no remorse. But at the same time, I think what was done by me was wrong and I promise that I would never do it again.”
Darbara usually targeted random, well-off residences during midday or afternoon, when the adults were usually working, and only the old.

The offender is opportunistic and usually resides in close proximity to the crime scene. The murder is not planned away from the assailant’s residence, and there is significant disarray at the crime scene. Indeed, typically there is a wealth of forensic evidence such as blood and semen samples, fingerprints, and the presence of the murder weapon. Moreover, there is no effort to conceal the body, and it is often left in full view. The corpse is also more likely to be positioned by the disorganized offender than by his organized murder counterpart.

The Victims

Total Killed 17 Children
Male 7, Female 10
Satish, Gudia, Diksha alias Talu, Jatinder, Poonam, Lachhmi, Laloo Parshad, Tazbin, Sanju kumar, Geeta, Rani, Khursheed, Ronku, Puja, Dipak, Amrit, Karu.
Shankar, Asha alias Ashu, Raveena, Patal Kumari, Nikita, Rajesh Kumar, Mumtaaz, Nishu,
1 Manju F 8 Ram Lila Grounds
2 Lashki F 8 Basti Sheikh
3 Bittu M 7 Nari Niketan area
4 Vikas alias Mani M 13 Bhargo Nagar
5 Lashmi F 9 Ram Nagar
6 Bisjeet (brother of Lashmi) M 8 Ram Nagar

April 18, 2004,
Shankar, 8, son of Akhilesh, resident of GTB Nagar, abducted along Gudia and Satish, but escaped.
Satish, 6, son of Gopal, H.No. 598, Model Tower, Jalandhar, gone missing – dead
Gudia,10, sister of Satish, status – dead
Diksha, 10 and her sister Asha, daughters of Gobind of Rasta Mohalla, abducted on-killed, Asha escaped and saved.
June 17, 2004
Jatinder, 9, son of Rudra Ram, r/o Leather Complex, abducted on June 17, 2004, status – killed.
June 29, 2004
Ravina, 4, daughter of Mohd. Aziz, r/o Shastri Nagar, abducted on saved
Patal Kumari, daughter of Bharat Bhushan, r/o Basti Bawa Khel, abducted on June 29, 2004, saved.
August 6
Poonam, 7, resident of Basti Peerdaad, d/o Puna Ram, abducted on August 6, 2004, status – dead.
August 15
Lacchmi, 5, daughter of Ripudaman, r/0 Basti Shiekh, gone missing on August 15, 2004, status – dead.
August 16
Rajesh Kumar, 5, son of Mast Lal, Basti Bawa Khel, abducted on August 16, 2004, saved.
August 22
Tazbin, 10, daughter of Maqsood, r/o Avtaar Nagar Jalandhar, abducted on August 22, 2004, status –dead.
August 24
Sanju Kumar, 5, son of Umesh Shastri, r/o Basti Shiekh, abducted on August 24, 2004, status – dead.
August 28
Rajesh Kumar, 7 and his sister Geeta, 5, children of Narbahadur of Leather Complex, abducted on August 28, 2004, status – dead.

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October 22
Rani, 9, r/o Jallowal Colony, killed in Nakodar; Nishu, 9, r/o Urban Estate Phase II, abducted on, saved and admitted to the PGI, Chandigarh; Mumtaaz, sister of Tazbin, of Avtaar Nagar, escaped Killed in Nakodar.
October 25
Khursheed, 5, M, Basti Mithu. Killed
Ronku, 6, F, Basti Mithu, killed.
Puja, 8, daughter of Ram Udhar, status – killed, her brother Deepak, 4, killed.
Amrit, 5 and his sister Karu of Leather Complex, status – abducted and killed
Laloo Parsaad,4, r/o Leather Complex, status – dead
Rani, 9, r/o Jallowal Colony, killed in Nakodar; Nishu, 9, r/o Urban Estate Phase II, abducted on, saved and admitted to the PGI, Chandigarh; Mumtaaz, sister of Tazbin, of Avtaar Nagar, escaped
Death of the Devil

Darbara Sigh fell ill in the jail and he was moved from the prison to the Government Rajendra Hospital in Patiala on 2 June. There, he died on 6 June, 2018. The jail authorities apprised his wife about the death his wife refused to claim his body, calling his crimes “unpardonable”.

The newspaper said, “The body of serial child killer Darbara Singh, 57, who was on death row, has been lying in the mortuary of Government Rajindra Hospital here for the past four days. The killer’s family won’t claim it for cremation.”
“We had asked the Jalandhar police to request his wife and children to claim the body, but they have refused to do so,” said Rajan Kapoor, Jail Superintendent, Patiala. “We will now approach the local court for permission to cremate the body.”

Ravinder Kumar
During the day, he worked as a helper on a truck and at night he would go out and hunt for children between ages 3 to 8 when he felt aroused, uncaring about their gender. He targeted the children of poor families in Delhi, Mundka, Samaypur, Badli, Begampur and Vijay Vihar and confessed to killing more than 30 and only four out of his alleged thirty victims managed to survive. . His victims were primarily aged 4-6 years old. Police were able to link him with 15 of his confessed crimes. His crimes commenced with the rape and murder of a laborer’s child from Samaypur Badli in 2008. (To be continued….)/Copyright : Tarak Ghosh