May 11, 2021

A True Crime Series by Tarak Ghosh

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Recap: [His victims were primarily aged 4-6 years old. Police were able to link him with 15 of his confessed crimes. His crimes commenced with the rape and murder of a laborer’s child from Samaypur Badli in 2008.]
7th Part

A report released by an NGO showed that almost 120,000 children in India had gone missing between January 2008 and 2010. Near about 14000 children were reported missing in Delhi alone. According to data from Delhi Police and the ministry of women and child development, as many as 20 children on an average go missing in the national Capital every day. And only 30 per cent of the kids are reunited with their families. The rest remain untraced. Of the 20 children, only one or two go missing on their own. Since 2013, as many as 29,663 minors have gone missing in the city and Delhi Police have failed to trace 19,832 of them.
An officer of Delhi police once said, “Most of the children are kidnapped from outside their home, parks, bus stands, and railway stations.” Data shows that out of 6,921 missing children reported in 2016, a total of 5,467 are in the age group of 12-18, while 712 are from 0-8. The remaining 742 are between 8 and 12 years of age.

A Monster’s journey begins…
When Ravinder committed his first crime, he was just a boy of 17, living with his parents and three of his brothers in a tiny two-room house in North Delhi. Before that, they had been living at Ganjduware village in Uttar Pradesh since 2007. His father worked as a plumber in an unorganized sector. His employer offered him lower wages and naturally he failed to run his family .So, Ravinder’s father decided to leave the village and moved to Delhi to start a new future. Ravinder dropped out of school after Class 5, but he was diligent and soon he got a job as a truck cleaner. The family survived largely on the incomes of Ravinder. His boyhood was very disturbing and he became addicted to drugs. He was also obsessed about blue films which were shown to him by friends and alcohol influenced him to commit the crimes. He had porn films in his phone, which he used to see before committing his assaults. From his teenage, he was more than a monster. He did not care about family ties was obvious as the victims who were assaulted and then murdered by him had called him uncle or brother.
He was not aware of the Delhi Crime Chart, but one thing he knew well that the slum area of Delhi was a great place of ‘hunting’. Delhi Metro Construction site was such a place where he could get everything he wanted. When the dark came down, he could not stay at home. His mind became restless and he would hang out in search of children. His boyhood memories could not stay him calm. Hang out gave him a great pleasure to choose his prey. He would loiter near slums and under-construction buildings at night in the hope of finding little girls or boys. He would at times travel several kilometers by bus to hunt for them. He mostly targeted urban slum children because he could easily track their movements, lured them with goodies and then abducted them.
One day he was walking along the street near the Metro Construction site. Few families on the construction site made shelters with small tarpaulins. He could see a group of children playing near the garbage dumps behind a construction laborer’s camps. He immediately halted there and stared at a minor girl among them. The girl was very skinny, but he couldn’t move his eyes from her. His lustrous mind began to hammer his passion. He made a plan to abduct the girl. He had a hidden place near the slum where he and his friends operated an illegal business.
Six-year-old Pinky’s (Name changed) parents worked as laborers on the construction site. They lived a one-room structure, with a kitchen attached. It was not unusual for children to be left behind the houses, in the scrap of a space between the street and the room, playing among drying clothes and pickles, while the parents were busy in their duty. That day six year old Pinky (Name changed) was playing as usual with the other children. Ravinder looked around, but none could be visible. He waited until the other kids had gone down.
Ravinder walked over to her when the other kids went off. Pinky was still playing on the ground with a little old doll that had been collected from a garbage can.
“I can give you more if you come with me.” Ravinder said. He was smiling mischievously. His voice was rough, not so masculine, but filled with lust.
Pinky raised her eyes and stared at him curiously. She could not recall whether she had seen that boy before. Ravinder gave her a sweet smile and said that he also lived in a nearby slum. Rvinder gave her a handful of toffees and said, “You are like my little sister, take it please.” Hesitatigly, Being confused Pinky took those.
“I can give you more if you come with me.” Ravinder said again.
At first Pinky was not agreed. But, finally she agreed with his proposal and followed him. The boy took her to a building near the slum. When they went upstairs, he suddenly gagged her mouth with a foam ball. The girl could not scream or utter a word except staring at him with her small watery eyes. She could understand the boy was not a good person. After a few minutes, she could feel the touch of a cold metal beside her neck. It sent shivers down her back causing her to tense and prepare for the worst.
His hands touched her cheek and moving down to her chin. He lifted her chin to look her over and planted a sensual long kiss to her cheek. The small girl became more frightened. Her little brain could not understand what the teen boy wanted to do. She became frightened when Ravinder hitched up the sleeves of the frock and started cutting off her clothes. He continued a downward path with his knife, nicking her here and there. As a small girl she had no idea about kidnap and rape, but she could feel that something worse was going to happen. Tears rolled down from her little eyes and the scene made the teenage boy more violent.
“Are you crying?” He said, bending down next to her. His big fingers brushed under her eyes. She sobbed as his rough fingers continued to touch her wet cheeks. She tried to shriek, but the gag in her mouth caught her words.
Two rough hands wrapped around her throat pushing her back to the wall. She fought to get him off of her. Kicking and clawing at his arms, she made a raspy noise; it was supposed to be a screaming. Ravinder took her on his lap and laid her on the ground. After few minutes, when Ravinder finished his cruel and brutal job, the little girl was no more. Only her dead eyes were staring at him with a blank sight. This sight made him more violent. A wolf came out again from the hidden cave of his mind. He took a long stare at the naked dead body and jumped upon it like a wolf.
Finally, he dumped the body. The shocking matter about this kidnapping and murder case was that the victim’s parents did not lodge a complaint with the police station. So, the police could not find a record of the crime.

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Beginning of the end

His plan was fairly simple: to find the children from poor families, those who slept on the streets, or children of construction workers whose poverty-stricken parents were unable to chaperone them because they were working too hard to earn a living. At day time, he worked as a helper on a truck and at night he would go out and hunt for children between ages 3 to 8 when he felt aroused, uncaring about their gender. His second plan was to follow and kidnap the target. He usually committed crimes in the afternoon or in the early hours.

July 14, 2013
It was 06.30 am. The streets were empty. The man walked over to the slum adjacent to a semi-constructed building. He was a man of 5’05”, early 24, faded black hair and light brown eyes. He had already made his plan full-proof. The man saw the girl coming out from the hut. ‘A great choice!’ He thought. He smiled a devilish smile and waited near a tree so that the girl could not notice him first. The six years’ old little girl started walking towards the field nearby.
The man tip toed to her and started to follow her from a safe distance. He had his plan, he had been planning this for almost a month. Suddenly the girl turned her head back and became confused. She stopped there and stared at the man with a question. She was too little to know the meaning of ‘following’. She just asked him, “Are you calling me?”
The man rushed to her without saying a word and placed a knife on her neck. Then he clamped the other hand over her mouth.
“Just follow my order or you are dead.” He whispered in her ear. The girl became frightened and nodded her head.
“I’m going to take my hand off your mouth. Scream and I’ll cut your throat.” The girl nodded, and the man released her mouth, but didn’t take the knife away. He watched the girl very carefully, really a poor girl, shuddering in great fear. He thought the girl was so young, so innocent looking. She had a family nearby. But soon she kicked off his thoughts. He gave the girl 10 rupees to lure her. She denied taking the money. Her sixth sense warned her.
“No…no…”, the girl stammered. The man grabbed her, clamping a hand over her mouth and shoving her backwards. Holding the knife to her neck, he marched the girl to a semi-constructed three-storied house, about 50 m from the house of the girl. Setting her down in front of him, his large hand on her mouth firmly held her head back against his chest, and she writhed, kicking.
“How old are you?” He cautiously asked.
“Six,” the girl replied. She was vulnerable and terrified.
“I am a good man, you can call me uncle. I will give you more money and let you go, but if you try to resist I will strangle you to death.” The man shrugged his broad shoulders.

“What- what are you going to do to me?”
“Nothing more, just want to touch everything of yours.”
She screamed so he gave her another 10 rupees to calm her, He easily caught her hands and tied each wrist to a rope and her mouth was covered in duct tape. She was completely helpless. The man admired her prey. The girl was not only short, but incredibly skinny. ‘Tormenting her was going to be so much fun!’ He thought.
“Let’s see what I have for you now.” Ravinder’s knife flashed in the morning light.(To be continued…)/Copyright: Tarak Ghosh