May 11, 2021

Navy’s spy plane spotted 7 Chinese Warships in the Indian Ocean

Pic: File

Delhi, Sep. 18: In the shade of tension between India and China, The Indian Navy warships have been spotted a Chinese research vessel in the Indian Ocean and identified seven Chinese seven warships. Seven warships of the Chinese People’s Army (Navy) are operating in the Indian Ocean region.
Pictures taken by the surveillance planes show the Chinese Landing Platform Dock Xian-32 (an amphibious ship) passing through the southern Indian Ocean and entering Sri-Lankan waters. The P-8I anti-submarine warfare and long-range surveillance aircraft have clicked the pictures and are constantly tracking activities and movements of the Chinese vessels.

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It is reported that the Chinese warships include three vessels, each of its counter-piracy escort task force 32 and counter-piracy escort taskforce 33 which would exchange positions in the Gulf of Aden where they would be deployed.