May 9, 2021

A True Crime Series by Tarak Ghosh

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Recap: [Let’s see what I have for you now.” Ravinder’s knife flashed in the morning light.(To be continued…]
The little girl exclaimed in fright, stepping back as soon as she saw the knife. She began to cry, angrily kicking at him. “Don’t- don’t touch me!” She looked both confused and terrified in equal measure and let out a whimper. Tears running down her face.
“Don’t touch you?!” he repeated, amazed by her naivety. Reaching forward, he grabbed her hands and forced her to lie on the ground. He then strangled and sexually assaulted her.He brought her body down to the ground floor and left it there.

According to police reports, the girl was reported missing on July 14 morning and an FIR was registered in this case at the Begumpur police station. When the media person met the victim’s father, he said, “We don’t have a latrine at home so she had gone to the nearby fields. We were waiting for her to come back, have her tea and breakfast and go to school. But she never came back.” Her father was a poor man, earned money by driving bullock cart..
“We have two sons, but she was our only daughter. She was our youngest child. This man should be punished, he should be hanged,” he added.
“I wasn’t even allowed to see her body. Everyone said you would faint. She was a happy child. She recently asked me for silver anklets. She said if you don’t bring it, I will go away and never come back. And now she’s gone forever,” said her mother, clutching a tiny photograph of her daughter.
According to Vikramjit Singh DCP Outer District, On dated 14.07.2015 at about 9.30AM, vide DD No. 12-A, an information regarding missing of a girl child aged about 6 years was received at Police Station Begumpur, Delhi and the same was entrusted to HC Shamsher Singh No. 313/OD for necessary action. Immediately an FIR was registered u/s 363 IPC and search for the missing girl was started.
During the course of search, the dead body of kidnapped girl was found in a semi constructed three story house, hardly 50 m from the house of the girl. On conducting a thorough search of the building, some papers and a driving license were found on the second floor of the vacant house. Scrutiny of the papers and driving license revealed that the license was issued in the name of one Sunny. Efforts were made to trace him and it was found that Sunny was reportedly admitted in Hospital.

In the mean time it came to notice that a PCR call regarding robbery was received at PS Kanjhawala. On further verification it was found that the said call was made by the mother of Sunny which revealed that her son namely Sunny was robbed and beaten by Ravinder, Sunil and a friend of theirs. Thereafter, Sunny contacted and examined and he stated that his friend Ravinder, his brother Sunil and their friend took him from Metro yard Mundka, Delhi and they reached in the area of Utsav Vihar, Karala, Delhi where he was beaten by Ravinder and his brother Sunil and their friend ( a juvenile) and robbed his Motorcycle bearing Registration No. DL-11 S 9097 (TVS), driving license, mobile phone, 04 bilties and cash Rs. 2,000/-. He somehow managed to slip from their clutches and escaped and hid in a field.
On the basis of above information search for Ravinder and his associates was made and found that all the three persons were found absconding. A background check of the criminal records was done it was found that the said Ravinder had been earlier arrested vide FIR No. 582/2014 dated 04.06.2014 U/s 363/307/377/34 IPC and 4 & 6 POCSO Act, PS Begumpur, Delhi.
Thereafter, 10 teams under the supervision of Rishidev, ACP/S.Puri, comprising Shri Jagminder Singh Dahiya, Inspector (Investigation), PS Begumpur, Inspector Sharat Kohli, Inspector (Invstigation) Sultanpuri and Inspector K.P. Malik, Special Staff were constituted and a manhunt was launched to nab the accused. After a painstaking non-stop search operation which lasted over 24 hours accused Ravinder was apprehended and arrested.
After affecting his arrest and keeping in view his previous involvement sustained interrogation of the accused was carried out. During sustained interrogation he has disclosed his involvement in about 15 similar cases since 2009 in Delhi, NCR and Western UP. While being taken into court, he told the media, “I lose control over my mind after consuming excessive alcohol.” After his arrest a police officer said, “A good number of such crimes were committed in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh. We will soon take him to all those places. He will first be taken to Noida’s Sector 74 and 76 where he had allegedly kidnapped, murdered and then sexually abused two minor girls in 2013. During that time, Kumar was working in Noida as a laborer at building construction sites.”
Ravinder was very clever. He targeted the children from poor families, those who slept on the streets, or children of construction workers whose poverty-stricken parents were unable to chaperone them because they were working too hard to earn a living.
In a conversation with The Hindu (An English daily from India), the 24-year-old accused described how he would strangle most of his victims, almost all aged between two and 12, before having sex with their lifeless bodies. “I would kill them so that they did not cry and scream when I raped them. Killing them first saved me from being caught. The children’s fight back was limited to pushing away my hand. None of them ever hit me back,” Ravinder said. According to the officer, both such cases in Noida went unreported as the families of the victims, who were laborers themselves, left for some unknown destinations after the crime.
Ravinder suffers from necrophilia?

After his arrest, DCP Vikramjeet Singh said that they would conduct a psychological test of the accused. “His brain mapping will also be done. Later, psychiatrist Dr Deepak Raheja said, “He is mentally a very sick man. He could be physically impotent too. He could be very dangerous. It’s impossible to detect unless clinically examined. These kinds of people are usually very polite and soft-spoken but extremely dangerous.”
Dr Smita Deshpande, head of psychiatry at PGIMER, Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, said, “It is difficult to generalize, but people who have such behaviors usually have low self-esteem and are poor at maintaining normal adult relationships. So, they satisfy their urge for power as well as sex with children or dead bodies. They might also have a deprived childhood,”
Ravider personally confessed that he had a disturbed childhood. He was sodomized by two neighbors when he was 10 or 11 years old. Ravinder Kumar also blamed his friends showing him porn for his acts. Psychologists said he probably suffered from an unusual and horrifying disorder called necrophilia rather than pedophilia, a condition where a person feels sexually attracted towards children. In necrophilia, people are sexually aroused by dead people or corpses.

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Once Ravinder was asked if he ever felt guilty about what he had done? He replied, “Yes, the day after the crime, I would think what I’d done was wrong and that I would stop. But then I would get drunk again and lose control.”
Ravinder used to look for children between ages 3 to 8 when he felt aroused, uncaring about their gender. He had a bi-sexual nature. He had kidnapped both boys and girls several times and abused them. Some serial killers engaged in sex with both males and females, which would prompt some people to classify them as bisexuals. Most of the killers have raped their victims either before or after killing them, although in some cases they have killed after consensual homosexual sex. There have been heterosexual serial killers who have targeted gay victims (e.g., Colin Ireland), but this is very rare.
Ravinder used to target children who played alone. He would lure the child with candy, and kill them if they resisted before having sex with their bodies. He admitted to sexually abusing the corpses of the children he murdered over the past seven years. He said, “I would kill them so that they did not cry and scream when I raped them. Killing them first saved me from being caught.” “The children’s fight back was limited to pushing away my hand. None of them ever hit me back,” said Ravinder. He was nabbed by the Outer Delhi police after they stumbled upon the mutilated body of his latest victim at an under-construction building near her home. Son of a plumber in Delhi, slightly-built Ravinder’s journey in the murky world of sexual crimes started when he was 17.
The deadly concoction of liquor and porn attracted him to vulnerable children who were too helpless to fight back. He said he would go looking out for children whenever he got high on country liquor. “I would lose control over my mind after consuming liquor and drugs. I knew I was wrong, but I could not control myself. I would regret my acts only after getting sober later,” he said. He claimed never to have felt awkward to be in the presence of bodies. He said he used to be on the lookout for children even when he visited any relative’s home. “I was able to find a child for myself if I stayed at any place for 10-15 days. To avoid suspicion, I never stayed at any place for more than 2-3 months,” he confessed.
The longest he stayed at any place during his crime phase was in Noida for 6 months a couple of years ago, he claimed. Ravinder worked odd jobs in the city for few months before changing his work. Barring one case in which he and two friends slit a boy’s throat with a barber’s razor, he claimed to have never used any weapons. “I wanted to leave no clues ever,” he said.(To be continued…)/Copyright: Tarak Ghosh