May 19, 2021

Assam: Ast. Secretary of Board of Secondary Education arrested today for taking bribe

Pic: File

Guwahati, Sep. 19: Hemanta Deka, the Assistant Secretary of the Assam Board of Secondary Education, has been arrested by a team of 12 members of the anti-corruption bureau on Saturday. He has been arrested for allegedly taking a bribe of Rs. 8,000 from a guardian for changing a name in his daughter’s 10th exam documents. Hemanta Deka, the accused, is currently being interrogated by the anti-corruption body.
Shivkumar Bhujel, the guardian, said, “I had given him (Hemanta Deka) an application to change my name which was mis-spelled in my daughter’s document. He said that the procedure would take a long time. I requested him to change it, as my child’s future depends on it. He said that he would do it, but I would have to pay him a sum of Rs. 10,000. I said that I could not pay him the entire amount, as I do a petty job. He agreed to do the job in exchange for a sum of Rs. 8,000.”

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After that Mr. Bhujel applied to the Board authorities to take action against the corrupt official, after which an operation was launched.